Identical Toddler Twin Boys Have Adorable Bedtime Routine

Bedtime in any household with a little kid is like going to war sometimes. Your humble abode turns into a battlefield, and your tiny children turn into scary little warriors. Most parents will agree that they don’t want to deal with such an exhausting routine, especially at the end of a long day.

The parents in this video, on the other hand, have it very easy. Wait till you see their well-behaved kids. These identical twins are only 18 months old in this clip. Mom says that one day, she told them to go to bed, and they did it without any questions. And now they have started doing it on a regular basis.


Mom says that even she was shocked when she saw her twins’ reaction. I really hadn’t seen a kid their age be so happy about bedtime before. I think part of the reason they are happy is that there is some climbing involved in their routine. They both climbed into their cribs themselves with no help from mommy, and they were holding their sippy cups. Amazing.

Once they get in their cribs, it takes a little coaxing from mommy to get them to lay down, but they do seem quite happy to be in their beds. Each crib has a clever contraption over the top of it. Mom has to zip it up, but I think it’s to keep them from crawling out of their crib, and it also looks like it would keep mosquitoes out. Genius. Watch this adorable video below.

Identical Toddler Twin Boys Have Adorable Bedtime Routine