Need a smile? Have a look at these rambunctious baby goats

Baby animals are inevitably a lot cuter than their adult counterparts. This is especially true of goats, as you’ll soon see.

Goats were one of the first animals domesticated by people, about 10,000 years ago. They were a source of meat, hides, mohair, and milk. Need some land cleared of weeds or other undesirable brush? Perfect job for a goat! Given this long history and their importance in agriculture, it’s no surprise that goats have had a prominent place in the mythology of various cultures. For an animal with hooves, goats are incredibly agile. They love to climb and have a near-perfect sense of balance. Time and again, people who try to keep goats in pens discover that there’s really no point. And if you can’t find your goat, check nearby trees!

Going by cartoons, you’d think goats live on tin cans. They don’t, of course, but they are intensely curious about unfamiliar objects and whether they might be tasty. If a goat thinks something might be made of plant material, they’ll give it a try. Cardboard, cloth, and paper (including tin can labels) all get chewed. Rather than graze in the usual way, goats like to “browse,” eating the tips of shrubs or tree branches. They’ll also munch on vines, weeds, and the occasional broad-leaf plant. Any sane farmer will just let the goats roam around freely and “browse” rather than try to feed them in stalls.

There’s a hilarious compilation of baby goat videos posted below. These little ones’ antics are something else! They jump around like maniacs, play, frolic, perch on horses, and let out adorable bleats. As you’ll see, there’s nothing like a couple dozen happy little goats running around in one group.

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