Nostalgic sodas from our childhood that disappeared

Everyone remembers their favorite soda when they were a kid. These soda brands have been forgotten and discontinued, but some may bring back great memories from the past. Let’s see if your favorite made the list of forgotten sodas!

First up is ‘Frostie Root Beer,’ an American brand produced in 1939 by the Frostie Beverage Company in Maryland. In 1971, Frostie purchased the competing brand ‘Stewart’s Restaurants.’ Later it became known as ‘Dad’s Root Beer.’

The classic soda named ‘Tab’ was the first diet cola created by the Coca-Cola Company. It was introduced in 1963 but discontinued in 2020. ‘Tab’ had many versions over the years, including fruit-flavored, root beer, ginger ale, and caffeine-free and clear variations.

‘Aspen Soda’ was an apple-flavored drink sold by PepsiCo from 1978 through 1982. In 1984, Pepsi replaced it with its ‘Slice’ line of beverages. Coca-Cola was busy in 1985 creating ‘New Coke.’ The new formula was sweeter to compete with Pepsi. After three months, they switched back to ‘Coca-Cola Classic.’

Another classic forgotten soda was ‘Slice,’ a line of fruit-flavored drinks by PepsiCo created in 1984. ‘Slice’ hung around in the late 2000s, becoming an organic juice and a mango-flavored drink in India.

The classic soda ‘Jolt Cola’ was produced in 1985 by the Jolt Company. The highly-caffeinated beverage targeted students and young professionals by incorporating a stimulant similar to energy drinks. The iconic slogan reads, “All the sugar and twice the caffeine!”

Other notable sodas include ‘Crystal Pepsi’ and ‘Surge.’ Crystal Pepsi only lasted from 1992 to 1994. Surge was made to compete with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew but failed. These forgotten sodas are long gone, but many remember their sweet time in the spotlight.

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Nostalgic sodas from our childhood that disappeared