Oh No! He Found His Bed Sheets All Torn Up! Where His Guilty Dog Was Hiding? Hilarious!

It’s no secret that we are infatuated with our pets. We more than love them, we adore them and don’t care who knows it. Our pets are our life and we are more than just a little dedicated to them.

From the moment we first see them we are in love and we promise to love and take care of them from that moment on. We immediately consider them a respected member of our family and expect them to be treated as such by everyone.

Now even though we love and adore them that doesn’t mean that they don’t give us a run for our money. There are times that we literally don’t know what to do with them, they make us that crazy but that doesn’t deter us from getting them, we are hooked to them regardless.

When it comes to pets, dogs are the most commonly seen and are most likely the most popular. Online there are millions of different videos featuring puppies and dogs. You can see them doing all sorts of things and we can promise you that they are adorable.

That is how we found this hilarious video. In it you first see a bed that clearly has been destroyed. You can tell that the sheet has been shredded up and you can hear the owner go and look for the guilty party. Apparently their beloved pooch Berlin is the guilty one but she is nowhere to be found. Berlin is found hiding in the shower. She is laying on the shower floor and is staring straight ahead at the wall. She clearly is the guilty party and is hoping that the whole situation just blows over.

This is one video that we promise will leave you laughing and hoping that Berlin doesn’t get into too much trouble. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there and have had that moment with our own dogs.

Watch this featured video and let us know what you thought of Berlin’s hiding place. As always please feel free to share this video with your friends and family on social media.

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