Pentatonix Releases New Spooktacular Halloween Christmas Mashup

We can always count on the 5-member a capella group Pentatonix to deliver some holiday cheer this time of year. Well, they are sharing some of that, but you won’t believe what else they have been doing!

Pentatonix has mixed it up a bit this year by tackling a Halloween tune from Tim Burton’s funny animated classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Your kids and your grandkids will immediately recognize this. It is to them what The Great Pumpkin is to our generation.


Here is the holiday cheer from Pentatonix. Some Christmas cheer, and some ghoulish Halloween cheer, too. Check it out to see why this video has gone viral in just a few days.

In true Pentatonix style, the music will have you awed and impressed. The video is more likely to have you oddly impressed! I can’t help but laugh at Matt. He’s trying to look scary, but instead, he still looks as happy as he usually looks in all their videos. You can almost hear him thinking, “Ok, look scary, but no, I’m so excited I’m in Pentatonix!!!” Cute.

Pentatonix Releases New Spooktacular Halloween Christmas Mashup