Phenomenal Ice Skaters Impress Audience and Judges With Perfect Performance

If you’ve ever been ice skating, you know that it’s not an easy sport to learn how to do. Attempting to glide around on the ice can make you end up looking like Bambi. That’s not the case with an incredible ice skating team that crushed their performance during a competition.

There are 16 athletes on this Canadian ice skating team. Each member has spent countless hours practicing every single move you’re about to see. With immaculate harmony and synchronization, they’ll leave you speechless.

During their performance at the World Synchro Championships, the talented team gives off a performance that sends the crowd to their feet. You can barely hear the music the team dances and skates along with since the cheers are so loud.

Though the moves are planned well in advance, these gifted performers make each twist and twirl look effortless. The audience wasn’t the only one shocked by this Canadian skating team. The judges were also impressed by the energetic routine.