These Premature Chihuahuas Were Able To Survive Thanks To This Cat Mom That Adopted Them!

Cases of surrogate mothers are amazing; it’s always very heartwarming to see species setting aside any differences just to lend a helping paw. Dogs are usually one of the kindest moms when it comes to adopting, however cats are far more likely to be amazing moms! Debra Cantwell is the adoption coordinator at SPCA. In 2014, her team came across a pregnant Chihuahua who gave birth to her babies prematurely. Because of how early the birth happened, two babies did not make it. The other two were rejected by their mother; the SPCA needed a quick plan to help these babies get the care and love they needed to survive.

Cantwell decided that if there was someone that would be able to adopt the premature babies it was the nursing cat upstairs. They hoped that she would accept them as her own babies. Fortunately the kind Siamese cat instantly fell in love, and she nursed and raised them as her own. In the video below, you can see the adorable interaction between the happy mom and her Chihuahua babies.

It’s breathtaking to see different species of animals take care of each other, it’s inspiring, humans could benefit from a little bit more of this kind spirit on their day to day.

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