When Rescuing A Deer You Are Fighting Against The Clock, This Deer Came So Close To The Great Abyss!

This is one of the most incredible rescues I have ever seen. This roe deer doe was hit by a car. She suffered significant trauma including deep cuts to her head and face. Simon Cowell, the founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation found her and took her safety.

Rescuing deer is a complex process. The animals often suffer from a disease called “capture myopathy.” By capturing and handling wild deer they can become stressed. This stress leads to a form of deer PTSD. The illness is very serious and even when a deer has been rescued it can cause them to perish.

Because of this the vet quickly stitched up the wounds on the deer and Simon took the deer back to where it was found. Upon release the deer struggled to stand up. Simon fear that it had been too long in the company of humans. But as this video shows, eventually the deer gained in our strength to stand up and saunter off.

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