Rich Little steals the show with impersonations on Carol Burnett’s stage

Have you recently seen the video clip from The Carol Burnett Show featuring Rich Little? If not, prepare yourselves as we’ve retrieved a distinguished gem from the archives where Rich Little, the master of impressions, is at his absolute best.

We’ve often believed that imitating someone is a profound gesture of admiration. However, when Rich Little impersonates iconic celebrities, it transcends mere appreciation; it becomes a comedy spectacle. After a warm introduction by Carol Burnett, Rich Little delivers a series of remarkably accurate and side-splitting impersonations of renowned celebrities.

“More and more celebs seem to love to work on TV commercials nowadays,” he remarks. And then, in an almost prophetic tone, he dishes out what the future might look like.

He adds this: Kirk Douglas endorsing a toothpaste, confidently claiming a 23% dip in cavities. Rich nails Kirk’s voice and quirky antics, so ideally, the audience is in stitches! And just when you think he’s done, he shifts gears.

Enter Dean Martin, charmingly vouching for… a stain remover? Oh, only Rich could pull this off! But he doesn’t stop there. Next, we have the inimitable Boris Karloff, the horror legend, calm and composed, promoting razor blades. Yep, razor blades!

Rich then instantly shifts to impersonating Ed Sullivan, which is so spot-on you’d think Ed Sullivan was onstage. Just imagine Ed juggling his busy schedule while heartily plugging a vitamin pill. The audience? Roaring with laughter, of course!

But, friends, the highlight reel keeps rolling. Humphrey Bogart’s impersonation as he promotes a Hospital Protection Plan had everyone clutching their sides and John Wayne? Oh boy! Girdles and the ‘Duke’ are an unexpected, knee-slapping combo.

It’s crucial to note – that Rich wasn’t just playing with voices. The man was a maestro, painting vivid images with his act. Every nuance, every gesture, every smirk was eerily accurate and oh-so-hilarious. And the cherry on top? Pure-hearted humor – no barbs, no jibes, just pure, unbridled joy.

You might wonder, why are we reminiscing about this legendary sketch today? Well! In today’s world, genuine laughter feels like a rare gem, doesn’t it? That’s why revisiting treasures like this legendary sketch becomes essential.

It’s not just entertainment; it’s a soulful reminder of times when comedy touched our hearts and tickled our funny bones effortlessly. So, spread the joy. Share this video clip because everyone deserves a delightful escape, a moment of pure laughter, and a cherished memory to hold onto.

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Rich Little steals the show with impersonations on Carol Burnett\'s stage