Scared Dogs attempt at getting past a cat, has the net crying with laughter

Who doesn’t like a pet? Some of us are dog lovers, some are lovers of their feline companions, others, like myself love both, but have you ever wondered how our pets feel about each other? Dogs and cats are traditionally not very good friends, this of course is pretty much an urban myth, as I have two dogs and three cats, and they all get along just fine. When I say they get along, what I mean is that everything is good as long as the cats are in control.

Cats, unlike their canine friends, like to be in-charge. Nobody owns a cat, in fact, cats allow you to feed them and treat them with love, just the way all royalty should be treated. That’s right, cats our without doubt the kings and queens of their houses, and allow us mere mortals to share their domain as long as we do the right thing. The man-servants of these fussy-furry-felines have one duty in life, that is to look after their loving………..sorry……..demanding cats.

If I call one of my dogs to come, then in most cases it will come to my side, when I call one of my cats to come, the reaction is pretty much always the same………you want me……….I’m over here, come and get me. When I have the pleasure of feeding my four-legged-furry-friends they allow me to cuddle them for a split second, ah…life is good……especially if you’re a cat!

Dogs, being bigger and smarter than cats……….sorry…….just bigger in most cases, should have no fear of their furry-foes, but as you will see in the hilarious clip below, they do have an enormous respect for them. When I walk past my cats they will do one of two things, either totally ignore me, or try to bite my ankles. This of course I put down to just gaining my attention in a loving way……..yeah right…….but they certainly want you to know that they are there.

Don’t get me wrong, cats can be the most loving creatures on the planet, it’s just a case of them wanting to be, maybe the time of day is wrong for your fussy-furry-friend, or maybe he is just in a bad mood, either way, the cat family will certainly show you exactly how they are feeling at any given time. My cats have a habit of waiting outside of the bathroom for me, I don’t know why, maybe they miss me, but I think they are waiting for their man-servant to pamper them in some way, oh, and you had better make it snappy mister!

Click on the link below and see just how these cute little cats rule the roost, as their canine friends try to make their way past the master.