See Inside The 1960s’ Medicine Cabinet (brace yourself)

You might remember some of the products that people used in the 1960s. One of my most vivid memories is of Prell Shampoo in the distinct bottle that lets the bright green color shine through. I can smell the fresh, clean scent of this shampoo right now.

Who could forget Lava Hand Soap? I remember the grey color and rough texture of the bar. As a young child, I wanted to use it too, but I was only allowed to use Ivory Soap. Who could forget Ban Roll-On Deodorant? Before roll-ons, my mom told me people rubbed in deodorant creams by hand. The roll-on was a significant advancement that kept your hands clean.

Beauty products may not have done much to improve skin, but any woman concerned about her looks probably had Ponds Cold Cream in her 1960s medicine cabinet. Women often used Dippety-Do to hold their bouffant hairstyles in place in this decade. Aqua Net Hairspray held the puffy hairdo in place for hours.

A bad memory I’ll never forget is when I fell off my bike and scraped my elbow or knee. Mercurochrome was in the medicine cabinet and was applied after cleaning the wound. No matter how many times I was told that it wouldn’t hurt, it always did sting a lot. Band-Aid Sheer Strips were next applied, and I hoped that no one would notice.

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See Inside The 1960s\' Medicine Cabinet (brace yourself)