Seven Cats Were Lured by the Most Convincing Sound. The Reason Made My Heart Sing!

Kittens are hard to resist. From their innocent charm to their fluffy exterior, to their playful paws to their precious “meows.” Unless you’re allergic it’d be hard to stay away from these bundles of adorable. However, some kittens have a different side to them. Some are taken from their mom’s and others lose their moms when they need them the most.

Luckily, Mona Boucher has a real passion for saving cats. Thanks to her work at the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, she made a real impact on these seven preciously cautious kittens. With the help of her team and a group of local volunteers, they made sure all seven were loved and cared for to the utmost ability.

When you see them after they have had a chance to get used to their surroundings it’s quite a blast! The wood floors have them sliding quite a bit. They seemed to really enjoy hopping around, so the staff decided to name them after the famous characters in the renowned book, Water Ship Down. The seven aptly named treasures are now known as Strawberry, Laurel, Dandelion, Campion, Speedwell, Blackberrie, and Acorn. It seems appropriate with how hoppy these little bundles of love are.

Thanks to VOKRA alongside their winning personalities, these precious kittens got adopted. The group was separated into groups of two, Strawberry and Dandelion were adopted together. Laurel and Acorn, were adopted together, Campion and Speedwell have a loving home together, and unfortunately Blackberrie was left alone. While waiting to be adopted, another rescued cat, Sabine, came along and after a few hissing matches, they became close and were subsequently adopted together.

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