“It’s About Time!! Simon Cowell Gets Served By This 12 Year Old Boy! Boom!”

If you have watched the Got Talent series then you must have a good knowledge about someone called Simon Cowell. This celebrity judge is indeed one of the most brutal judges you can find and sometime you just can’t take his comments, especially if you are one of the contestants. Bu12t the thing that stings you the most is that his comments are mostly right but they can be a little too hard to digest.

This little guy wanted to impress the judges so he decided to go with a song which he sings regularly. So he starts this Amy Winehouse rendition with the hope of making the judges go gaga but that wasn’t going to happen. Simon stopped him midway and told him to sing another song. The response from the boy was just beautiful. He sang so well that it even blew away the smug from Simon’s face and made him clap.

You need to see this video to believe it and share your views on it. https://youtu.be/jedoArOy0pE