SIMON SAYS: “If This Comedian Popped Up On a Netflix Special, I Would Click Instantly”

There’s No Holding Back the Cripple Threat in This Performance

Ryan Niemiller shows us just how critical staying in shape can be when you’ve got someone eyeballing your body. There’s no overlooking his disability, as this standup comedian specifically draws focus to the many challenges of living with ectrodactyly.

Niemiller delivers a refreshing series of jokes leveraging his personal problems for all they’re worth. Yet, all can relate to the over exaggerations of this down-to-earth over-the-top sensation. Everyone loved his act, starting slow, picking up the pace, and closing a winner.

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Howie always appreciates good standup comedy talent, and indeed had great praise from Ryan Niemiller. He opened panel commentary by saying “I love you. I don’t think people appreciate what it takes to be a standup comic and elicit laughter like you do. Not only everybody in this room, I promise you everybody at home was laughing. You are wonderful, you’re memorable, you’re funny, you’re smart. You need to need in the finals. Vote, America! Please vote.”

Judge Julianne Hough felt that this was his best yet, telling him, “I didn’t know how you could top your last two performances. You were born to be on the stage. That was the best. That was better than both of your performances combined. This is your lane. Wow.”

Funny-man Niemiller even made a believer out of Simon, being praised for his entire delivery “From the minute it started it was like, you’re born to do this. The second you came on. Even the music. Everything worked. Your flow, your confidence. It was just one of those great, great performances and I really believe you’re gonna be in the Semifinals after that. You deserve it.”

Support is strong from today’s leading comedy talent. Across social media, appreciative comedians have been posting their words of appreciation for Ryan Niemiller’s comedic genius.

Fellow comedian and ‘AGT’ comedian vying for the top spot Samuel Conroe is proud to let the world know that Ryan has been his colleague and friend for over ten years.