Sleepy Horse Caught Snoring Very Loudly

A common issue for us humans that can also affect other species’ lives, see how they react to this uncomfortable situation.

Oh, the countryside, there’s something really nice about those wide green pastures, all the farm animals running around, and the sunny weather. Certainly, it’s a peaceful life being away from the never-sleeping city.

Some people enjoy a quiet little nap in the afternoon. It’s a nice way to recharge the batteries, right? Well, this horse certainly agrees because he’s lying down, fast asleep on the grass, soaking in the warm sunshine, oh that looks really comfortable!

Don’t horses sleep standing up? Well, this fellow debunks that myth, so sleepy he’s snoring like an old truck! Oh my, it’s unbelievable how loud he is out there in the field!

On the 0:40 mark, the camera turns around looking to a fellow horse laying nearby as well, this must be their favorite spot to nap on their free time, but he doesn’t look very happy! Probably from all that snoring coming from his friend. Husbands and wives can relate.

Sleepy Horse Caught Snoring Very Loudly