Spelling bee word has 4th grader cracking up on stage

The kids that make it to the Scripps National Spelling Bee are brilliant, for sure. They are competing for the title of national champion, but they are still just kids.

One contestant reminded everyone in the audience and on the stage not to take life too seriously when he begins cracking up at the word he is supposed to spell.

The judges ask him to spell “sardoodledom.” The young boy completely loses it, giggling himself silly. He tries to regain his composure so he can repeat the word and begin spelling.

He only gets halfway through saying the word before another round of laughter escapes from his mouth. His hilarity is contagious as the audience joins in laughing along with him.

He finally pulls it together and takes a stab at spelling the silly word. When the judges tell him he is correct, the young boy does a celebratory dance before exiting the stage.

It’s refreshing to see that these kids can have fun in such a high-stakes competition. This young boy’s reaction to his challenge word is how we should all approach life.

We hope this video lifted your spirits as much as it did ours. Go look up “sardoodledom” in the dictionary to find its meaning and see what other silly words you can find to make someone giggle!

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Spelling bee word has 4th grader cracking up on stage