Parrot Chatting to His Stuffed Turtle Is About as Cute as You Can Get


The beautiful parrot in the video is called Bowie. He is probably one of the most talkative little things you will ever come across. He is a Ringneck and is just about a year old in this video. One sunny Easter morning, everything was normal until Bowie saw his reflection on the window. When he started talking to himself, I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

At the beginning of the video, Bowie tried to talk to his Greencheek Conure friend, Hazel. When she didn’t respond, he went ahead and talked to himself, and then his ‘pet’ stuffed turtle.

His owner says that Bowie really loves tickles and that he is really happy with his toy and the sunny view outside. You will love this adorable bird when you see him. After he’s shunned by his friend Hazel, he wanders over to the window and stands on top of a stuffed turtle. He starts saying things like, “Whatcha doin’?” and “I love you.”

You can tell exactly how his owners talk to him because he’s mimicking all the sweet things they say to him. He is certainly a beautiful bird, and clever too. I’m amazed at how clearly he speaks. He says, “Gimmee hug,” and then makes a noise that I know his owners must make when he hugs them. It’s good to see they take such good care of this clever bird. He seems so happy in the sun talking to himself.

Parrot Chatting to His Stuffed Turtle Is About as Cute as You Can Get