After Surviving The Worst, This Pit Bull Still Has Much Love To Give To Humans! UNREAL!

Few creatures in this world are as amazing and unbelievable as man’s best friend. A dog’s endless supply of love, resilient loyalty and overall goofiness all together make for a perfect friend recipe. Sadly, not all dogs get treated with the love and respect that they deserve. Because of this, they can hold some resentment towards humans, which makes their lives a lot more difficult as a consequence. But even in the most extreme cases, they always have a way to get back and find love for humans again, if treated well.

The video we put for you below features the story of Curtis, a sweet pit bull dog who went through some frankly traumatic events. He got rescued in Louisiana by a team called Villalobos Rescue, and at the time he had been shot in the head with a gun, so his fate was almost decided. But thanks to a quick response for the team and efficient medical staff, Curtis was able to live on, and now he’s recovered and is looking great and happy with people, even after all the abuse he went through!

Be warned, the images of Curtis while he was still hurt might be shocking to some.

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