The Bailey Bunch: they rescued a dog and saved an entire family

Although they didn’t know it, the folks at Rescue From The Hart were about to embark on an extra-special mission. They got a call about a small white fluffy dog living under an abandoned grocery cart amid a pile of junk. Kindhearted locals were providing the dog with food and water, but any and all attempts to befriend her were met with growling.

Rescue From The Hart is a dog rescue organization founded by Annie and James Hart. It’s dedicated to saving abandoned and abused dogs in the Los Angeles area and finding them loving forever homes. They work with a network of vets, trainers, and foster homes and also do educational outreach. As Rescue From The Hart says on its web site: “The first step to solving any problem is acknowledging that you have one. By sharing the stories of those we save, Rescue From the Hart demonstrates how countless animals are victims of circumstance and thrive when given a second chance — thus inspiring others to join our efforts and effect change.”

From a distance, the rescuers could see that the dog looked pregnant. This meant they’d have to be extra careful (and patient) in how they approached her. Even before her puppies are born, a pregnant dog can be in a fiercely protective frame of mind. So they took their time earning the dog’s trust. At first they tossed Bailey, as they named her, treats and gradually worked up to encouraging her to eat from their hands. Using the animal control loop is a fraught part of any dog rescue, but they were able to get Bailey looped and then leashed, without much fuss.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, they were called to rescue one dog, but ended up saving an entire family. Best of all, everyone in “the Bailey Bunch” found a forever home.

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