From ‘Ironside’ to ‘Kojak,’ the Royal Marines Band honors classic American cop shows

The Royal Marines Band

If you are a fan of heroes in uniforms and symphonic music, then this video might make your day. The Royal Marines Band is seen in this video, playing music that takes the viewer on a nostalgic journey through the history of American cop show theme music.

In this video, The Royal Marines Band performs ‘An American Cop Medley’ in the Royal Albert Hall, London. The hall is packed with lucky fans who could get their hands on tickets for this unique performance.

The Royal Marines Band performs various theme songs from police television series from the past decades. Viewers get to enjoy their favorite cop show theme songs, boosted by the power of a full symphonic orchestra.

The Royal Marines Band

It is a very fitting tribute and almost poetic. Guardians of the seas are playing songs about the guardians of our cities. The fact that they are dressed up in uniform further contributes to this honorable tribute.

Viewers seem to love this performance. Timothy Norris commented online: ‘Once again, as always, the military music-makers of HM Royal Marines Band Service have excelled themselves. Bravo to one and all!’

It is also quite exciting to watch not only the beautiful music but also the surprise factor. While listening to one song, you can’t help but wonder what is coming next and when will they play the theme song from your favorite show.

From ‘Kojak’ to ‘Hawaii 5.0’ to ‘Ironside,’ your favorite cop television series is bound to be in this medley. Enjoy the musical journey in rediscovering the theme songs to your favorite cop shows.

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From \'Ironside\' to \'Kojak,\' the Royal Marines Band honors classic American cop shows