They Carefully Introduce This Baby Panda To Its Mother. Watch When They Finally Meet!

The verdict is in. Baby panda noises are the cutest thing you will hear all week! But that’s just one of the many adorable things you’ll find in this touching video that features a baby panda being reunited with her mother after nearly a month of separation.

The panda cub, Yuan Zai, was injured almost immediately after her birth and as such, had to be separated from her mother and raised in an incubator. After 39 days, it is finally time to reunite the baby panda with her mother – tension is in the air! How will Yuan Yaun, the mother panda, react to a baby she hardly even knows? Every precaution has to be taken in case Yuan Yaun doesn’t recognize her young.

But thankfully for this baby panda, and for us fans as well, the reunion goes beautifully! It’s so sweet to watch as the mother begins to realize what is about to happen and becomes anxious. She paces around the room, eager and nervous for the big reunion!

It takes a little time for this panda mommy to find her parenting groove. At first she struggles for a bit, trying to learn how to hold, and how to nurse her estranged cub. But when they finally get it right, it’s pure snuggly goodness from there on out. And what’s better after a big lunch and a long cuddle, than a good nap? It’s a well-deserved nap, too. It’s been a long, exciting day for this precious pair of pandas.

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