This exquisite kitty speaks English. But just one word.

Dan had recently adopted a beautiful Calico cat, Akkodha, who meowed in a unique style and spoke the human word “Ok.” The cat’s dad had got the beautiful cat from the Humane Society Shelter.

Apparently, somebody had adopted her and then brought her back to the shelter. The previous owner had wanted a cat with short fur, but Akkodha had a long coat. Dan guessed that the family, maybe, did not wish for pets that shed that much.

However, Dan thought Akkodha was beautiful. She was a very affectionate cat, and the owner found it very strange that the previous owner had sent her back. In addition, the cat had a beautiful fur color.

The fur on her body had beautiful Calico colors such as orange, black, and brown. The coat under the body was gray and white. Akkodha loved her dad and always sat on his lap and would not move.

Dan always told his wife that he had a cat in his lap and couldn’t move at all when she asked him to get up from his place. The beautiful cat was very talkative and always used to chatter. Her chips always sounded like she said, “Ok.”

Dan went along with what the cat did and spoke to her every day. He just kept going back and forth with her saying, “Ok,” and “Ok,” and eventually got her to say “Ok,” just like any human. Akkodha would always meow more when she was near the pantry to get her treats.

Akkodha was a Buddhist term that meant freedom of ill will. Dan believed that was precisely what Akkodha was. The cat always followed her dad, and every time he returned from work, she would be right at the door. The 15-year-old cat had the perfect family that loved her to the moon and back.

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This exquisite kitty speaks English. But just one word.