This pregnant donkey gave birth to unique twins; it’s a rare sight

It has always been a great experience to witness the birth of a new life. Additionally, the joy of witnessing the event doubles if an animal gives birth. It is common to hear about donkeys giving birth to foals. However, finding a mare giving birth to twin foals is infrequent.

A mare in Oklahoma recently hit the headlines after she gave birth to twin foals. One of the babies was male, and the other was female. According to data, only 1.5% of mares give birth to twin foals. The mare was named Bella, and the foals were Steve and Betsy.

Bella belonged to Saundra Traywick, and the warm-hearted owner’s daughter, Elena, helped Belle nurse the twins. Since the babies were tiny, they found it challenging to reach up to enjoy Belle’s milk. Thankfully, Saundra was always there to help the foals.

According to Saundra, it is tough for both twin foals to survive simultaneously. Thus, they needed to be able to feed correctly. Unfortunately, while carrying one of the baby donkeys across the grassy land, Saundra stepped on a hole and twisted her ankle very badly.

However, that didn’t stop her from looking after the foals. Saundra also had another donkey named Wendy, who recently gave birth to Tinkerbell. However, the mother and daughter duo were at OSU since Tinkerbell had surgery on her umbilical cord.

The cord tore on the inside, and urine was entering her abdominal cavity. She revealed that the fence around the area was terrible and that she would have to move Bella and her babies to another corner of the property. There was a situation earlier wherein a baby donkey got caught in the fence and was all twisted up in the net. Saundra didn’t electrify the wall because that would kill the baby animals within the property.

Betsy still struggled to reach up and enjoy her mother’s milk. So, Saundra wondered whether she could reach up if she held her head very high like a giraffe. She hoped the twin foals could nurse on their own without Saundra having to feed them with a bottle. All the time, Elena tried to make Betsy have some of her mother’s milk without much success.

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This pregnant donkey gave birth to unique twins; it’s a rare sight