Timo The Cat Finds A Feather. Moments Later? I’m Laughing Out Loud!

Timo the cat will valiantly protect his family’s home from any intruder, and he will not hesitate to jump at the attack of every menacing… feather? In the hilarious video below, Timo is casually hanging out outside his home when, all of a sudden, a big feather comes floating with the wind, right towards him.

Aware of his surroundings, Timo reacts immediately and crouches to prepare for a pounce at the unknown intruder. He seems to be pretty good at jumping, but his landing still needs some work. The cat just can’t seem to get a hold of the feather, and he rolls around the floor a bit, first for frustration, and later just for fun.

A feather is more than enough to provide this adorable cat with hours and hours of fun, and as you’ll see for yourself in the clip, nothing can stop Timo from jumping at the feather over and over again, in every way that he can. Seeing this cat playing is just too cute to describe in words, you’ll have to see this precious creature yourself to understand. I only wish the video was longer!

You can watch Timo play with his new favorite toy in the video right below!


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