This Tiny French Bulldog Saw A Horse On The Street. But When She Tried To Give Him A Kiss? Aww!

Animals can be friends with just about anyone. That is the reason you can see so many unusual friendships between unusual pairs of animals all over the internet. Whether it is cats and crows or dogs and elephants, all of them are special in their own right. That is why I’m so glad to have come across this video!

This clip captures an adorable moment between a New York City police officer’s horse and the French bulldog of a person walking by. The little dog kept jumping and putting her nose against the horse’s face. The towering horse didn’t seem to mind in the least! This union gathered a lot of smiling faces!

The caption under the video says that the person who filmed it saw this interaction on their way back from lunch and thought it was a nice contrast to the often negative perception of NYPD due to the Occupy Wall Street movement that was going on. I’ll say. This “police” horse seemed just as fascinated by the little Frenchie as the dog was with him.

When they touch noses, it is just too cute. The Frenchie is bouncing around and pretty excited, but the horse is calm, cool, and collected. In fact, he looks a little sleepy. This cute interaction went on for a couple of minutes, and quite a crowd gathered to watch.

Watch this cute video below! Isn’t it amazing? Let us know in the comments!

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