To Be Able to Dance While Playing the Violin This Good Is Just Mind Blowing!

Hold My Heart' By Lindsey Stirling Feat. ZZ WardSinging a song of strength and the trials of love, ‘Hold My Heart’ by Lindsey Stirling feat. ZZ Ward features a striking music video and some of the most heavenly harmonies you’ve ever heard. This track debuted at number one on the ‘Billboard Classical Albums Chart’ and the ‘Top Dance/Electronic Albums’ chart at the very same time!

Singer-songwriter and violinist Lindsey Stirling has captured global audiences as one of YouTube’s forerunning stars. Her success splashed over into many live performances, but it’s videos like these that brought Lindsey into the limelight. Yet, did you know that this musical genius is also a New York Times bestselling author? Check out her book ‘The Only Pirate at the Party.’

There’s no denying just how good this young star is. From her musical talent to choreography & videography – every aspect shines bright. ‘Hold My Heart’ by Lindsey Stirling feat. ZZ Ward rewards with an inspirational performance backed with choreography, visuals, and a mix of sound that soothes the soul while lifting you up to a place of enthusiasm & energy.