This Video of a Tiny Pika Singing ‘Queen’ Has Gone Viral for All the Right Reasons

Freddie Mercury’s passion runs through the veins of this cute little critter, and what a remarkable sight he is to see.

This little guy goes by the stage name of “Pika Mercury”  and he can channel his famous namesake so perfectly, you’ll think it’s actually Freddie Mercury singing. 😉

Pikas are small mammals that are small like a mouse but are cousins to rabbits. They prefer to live in mountainous areas and predominantly located in Asia. These animals live in burrows and make a high pitched sound when entering its home. For the most part, they are herbivores as they eat twigs and grass. Since they live in the mountains, their winters are long so to survive they will collect food during the warmer months.

Much like the way Freddie Mercury wowed audiences with his flamboyant mannerisms and powerful vocals, tiny “Pika Mercury” has also captured the hearts of fans everywhere.

And also like Freddie, Pika Mercury is rumored to have a big ego by those who know him well, but he’s most likely feeding off the energy that he received from his fans.

Now that the cat (rather, pika) is out of the bag, this tiny soprano singer has gone viral. Watch and you’ll see why —then share this with a friend. Pika Mercury’s amazing performance will give them a big smile. 🙂

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