Village of Tiny Homes Made for Homeless Veterans

Often when soldiers come home permanently from war, they have nowhere to go. While it’s none of our business why that is, it matters that these men and women are often forgotten by a country that they selflessly served.

Don Mcleod, a veteran support worker, is doing his part in Calgary, Canada. There, Mcleod, the Homes for Heroes Foundation, and many others team up to build a functional village of tiny houses to facilitate Canadian veterans.

This village gives ex-servicemen and women a chance to unite together and support one another. It can be difficult for them to find others that have experiences like they do, especially when they suffer from things like PTSD.

Mcleod interviewed around 16 veterans at the time of writing this and has heard several heartbreaking stories. This tiny village is just the beginning and provides a great example to other cities all around the world to follow suit.