Vince Gill, Zac Brown, And Gregg Allman Rock The House With Cover Of ‘Midnight Rider’

When “Midnight Rider” was first released in 1971, it didn’t get much critical acclaim. It didn’t even earn a spot on the charts. Looking back now, it’s hard to believe. This song has become a classic, and is one of those tunes that just about everyone has heard at least once.

When Gregg Allman first wrote this song he was part of the hit band, The Allman Brothers. Released as part of the band’s album Idlewild South, Allman likely never expected the song to go much of anywhere.

Now, in a promotion of the DVD All My Friends – Celebrating The Songs And Voice Of Gregg Allman, Vince Gill, Zac Brown and Allman joined together to perform their own rendition of “Midnight Rider”.

Although the original single didn’t see much success, later versions experienced a different reception. Allman released his solo version of the song in 1973, and it hit number 19 on the Billboard Top 100. And when Willie Nelson recorded his own version in 1980, it climbed all the way to number six on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

Gill, Brown, and Allman deliver their own dynamic version of the classic song in the video below. The three of them playing together creates pure magic.

Watch this incredible performance in the video below!

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