Walking in the woods looking for mushrooms, he heard desperate cries for help

When he isn’t at his day job, Dave, known as Earthwalker40 on YouTube, is often out in the woods looking for edible mushrooms. He’s become something of an expert and has uploaded a whole slew of videos. On one of his mushroom hunting trips into the woods in Warren County, Ohio (northeast of Cincinnati), he heard an unexpected sound and ended up rescuing an abandoned cat.

The cat Dave encountered in the forest was a beautiful bright-eyed gray and white striped cat with a friendly demeanor and a slightly fluffy tail. Why anyone would have abandoned her out in the countryside is a complete mystery. A feral cat can, with much hardship, survive in the woods, but for a domestic cat, that’s often an impossible challenge.

“This young female cat was very glad to see me. I heard something over in the weeds and I looked over and what do you think I seen walking across the down low?” The poor cat had one of her legs caught in a collar, which had slipped down to her chest — she had become thin and had actually begun to starve. Dave also pulled three ticks that were bigger than peas off the unfortunate feline. While the cat was giving him some kitty love, he remarked, “She’s so happy to see a human, it’s pathetic.”

“I think she wants to go home with me. She’s been following me through the woods for 20 minutes now and I’m going to go ahead and take her home, give her a name, and take her to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother loves cats, so do I.”

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