Watch this service dog get excited when he sees his favorite toy come to life!

Service dogs are incredibly useful for many people who go through life with a disability. They help their owners in so many ways. There are people who were born blind and use them to get around the city, work, and even run errands. Believe me, with all the dangers you can find in the city nowadays, you can be glad that our canine service dogs are there to help.

But helping people with disabilities is not the only thing service dogs can do. Some of these dogs have been trained to assist law enforcement in carrying out several tasks. One of them is detecting controlled substances at the several points of entry. Our borders are not only comprised of land, but they also exist at the sea. And it is the job of service dogs to assist humans in keeping them safe.

Service dogs have helped law enforcement locate guns, explosives, and drugs. To be able to do this job, canine police are trained from a very early age. Only the best of them actually get a job. But their efforts are valuable in keeping us safe. Some of these dogs also assist the military. Their main job when they are deployed is locating bombs or threats before they can get to our soldiers.

For dogs who are not cut for military or police duties, they can provide valuable services for other people who need them. Some of the clients for these dogs are elderly people who need someone to have an eye on them and get help in case they fall or faint. There have been many cases where patients who have a serious condition have been saved thanks to the efforts of a service dog.

Other dogs help people get from point A to point B. Like Julian Gavino’s dog for example. He gets around with the use of a wheelchair. Like many people in his situation, he decided to get a service dog for additional assistance. He found a great service dog and friend in a dog named Atlas. Atlas loves Julian and is more than happy to make his life easier.

One of the very first toys Julian gave Atlas was a stuffed Pluto doll. This doll has become a necessary friend for Atlas to cuddle with. According to Julian, the pup is unable to sleep at night unless he has Pluto there with him. Julian saw that Atlas had developed a deep bond with the doll. So, he decided it was time to provide the dog with a very special gift. Check out what happened next. It will amaze you!