When they were rescuing this Pit Bull, they didn’t expect his friend to tag along!

It’s often that rescuers get to save more than one dog at a time. The last time I heard something like this, was a few months ago. A group of rescuers gets a call from the owner of a truck parking lot. He had seen a couple of Pit Bulls earlier that day and didn’t make much of it. When he came back to work after lunch, he was surprised to still see them there.

It was a male and a female dog. They looked like they had been living on the street for quite a long time. These once very muscular dogs were nothing but a shadow of their old selves. One of them, the male dog, was limping. You could tell that it was an old injury because of how it looked. The man in the park didn’t want to get close to them because he didn’t really know how to approach the situation.

He noticed that the dogs had probably decided to move there and were in the process of looking for food. When you saw the two of them, it was clear to anyone that there have been a few days after their last meal. The man called a rescue group and gave them full access to the parking lot where the pups were. The rescue staff arrived, and they were taken to them.

They looked young, also. Initially, they thought that one of them had arrived first and then, the other dog had decided to stay as well. But when they were trying to get to them, it became clear that neither of the pups was leaving without his friend. Rescuers really felt the strong bond these dogs had. They got to the male dog first and made sure to have him where he could not get away.

When they were trying to get the female dog, the strangest thing happened. She went to see if her friend was okay, and when she saw that he was tied to a post, she started to get distressed. It took the rescuers a while, but they were able to get her as well. They took both pups to the shelter but knew they could not separate them, at least not yet. The dogs fully recovered and were adopted by a nice family who actually took both in.

The following video also shares that strong bond between to furry friends. Rescuers have been called to the site and when they get there, they see that the Pit Bull that had been reported, could walk very well. It was clear that he had a problem in one of his legs. When the rescuers were ready to call it a day, they saw the pup’s friend show up to see where his friend was going. Truly a 2 for 1 special!