After This Woman Passed Away, She Gave Her Family A Gift That You Would Never Expect! AMAZING!

Back in the year of 1994, a woman received her first diagnosis of cancer; in her breast. As if this wasn’t enough, over a decade later in 2008 she was diagnosed with cancer in her ovaries and her skin too. After such a long and difficult fight, Reenie, as the woman was called, passed away in 2011, but not before she left a very odd but helpful gift for her family. Since she suspected that it wasn’t a coincidence that she got many different types of cancer throughout her life, she convinced her 2 kids, Marc and Kristin, to take some analysis to see if there was something wrong with them. They were looking for a mutated BRCA2 gene, which can raise the chances of getting cancer exponentially.

The both of them came out as positive for the gene anomaly, which meant that them and their offspring were at a big risk of getting several different types of cancer, including ovarian and prostate. Thankfully, instead of being disheartened by this grave news or going into panic mode, Kristin and Marc took the chance to change their lifestyle and take any preventions that they could to put the odds in their favor.

Now, they both regularly check themselves up to see if there’s any signs of cancer, so that it can be detected as early as possible and treated with success. Thanks to their mother’s gift and heritage, they now have a practice of early prevention and care that will put their families in a much safer spot.

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