World Renowned Vocalists Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban Perform Hair-Raising Duet of ‘We Will Meet Once Again’

Everybody has likely heard of the amazing voices of Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban, but not everyone knows their story. After years apart, the two reunite and perform a soulful duet song titled ‘We Will Meet Once Again.’

Andrea Bocelli, an Italian opera singer, helped budding 17-year old vocalist Josh Groban find his voice nearly 25 years ago. Now, the two men decided to reunite and share their stories of triumph and separation with the world.

The song is sung completely in Italian, but everyone can appreciate the beauty in both Bocelli and Groban’s vocals. In Groban’s album version of the song, some parts are translated to English. However, both prefer the full Italian version to highlight the perfect blend of these two unforgettable musicians.

It’s important to appreciate your journey and everyone who helped you get to where you are today. Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban are perfect examples of how one person can help lift another up and allow them the chance of success.