Young girl goes to barn on Christmas day. I couldn’t believe what Santa gave her.

Getting gifts around Christmas is so much fun. It’s not the real reason for the season, but it’s great to see your kids’ eyes light up when they get a particular gift that they want – and try to mask their disappointment when one of them is a pair of socks… This video, though, shows one family who wanted to make their daughter’s holiday a very memorable one… and they got Santa to bring an amazing present.

The video starts with a young girl named Annie walking around outside. It’s Christmas and it’s apparent that it’s snowed recently. After playfully throwing snow at her mother, who is holding the camera, she heads toward the barn, where three cats come outside to greet her. After she pets them, she finds that the barn door is ajar. Hmm. Santa must have paid a visit. Once she opens the door, she goes inside, and seems unsurprised to see her dad sitting there holding a camera. A basket with a children’s book and a note leans against the wall.

After showing her mommy the book, Annie starts reading the letter from Santa aloud. She stumbles on some words… but when she reads the sentence, “I don’t usually deliver ponies” her eyes widen. It’s so great realizing that she’s getting what so many kids ask for when they make their Christmas list – an actual pony. The pony’s name is Snowflake but they are going by her middle name… Pepper. Annie races into the stall and hugs the horse, who’s standing there like, “Took ya long enough to figure it out…”

There were some people who were complaining that the video was too long. Too long?! It was only four minutes long. That’s nothing. Now if the mommy had stretched it to, like, 10 minutes, then I would think there was a case to shorten it. This was perfect and a great buildup to Annie finding out about Pepper. Her mommy wanted her to read the letter first to learn what she had. We live in such an impatient society sometimes.

That’s one thing that would work about living in a rural area – getting horses for presents. I don’t think the neighbors in the Manhattan apartment I grew up in would have liked a horse in our place… What did you think of the video? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and “Like” us on Facebook.

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