Abused Pit Bull And Veteran With PTSD And Anxiety Help Each Other Feel Safe Again

There is a lot of evidence out there supporting the idea that animals can be effective in helping reduce anxiety. Having that connection to and responsibility for another living being can be a powerful method to change your perspective. And the benefits go both ways.

Chad Fleming had his pit bull Mikko for less than a month, and he could already tell the difference she was making in his life. The 2 year old pit bull had been rescued from a shelter less than 24 hours before he was scheduled for euthanization. When she got to the shelter, she was terrified of people. No one knew her past, but it was obvious it wasn’t good.

Then, Mikko met Chad, and everything changed for them both.

Chad is a military veteran who served in Iraq for two tours of duty. He came home with PTSD, and suffers from anxiety. A background Mikko understands, on a deep level. The two resonated with each other, and ever since then their lives have started opening up.

“I knew immediately that there was a connection there between us,” Fleming told local TV station WCCO. Having each other gives them both a sense of security and safety, two key ingredients for healing past wounds.

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