After Hearing That Low Bass In ‘Home Free’ I’m Shook. That’s No Human – That’s a Subwoofer!

You’ll be blown away by this upbeat acapella country cover of John Michael Montgomery’s hit song ‘Sold!’ These five people come together with yet another performance that’ll leave you in disbelief that it’s all acapella. It seems these singers are just as good at acting- just watch their hilarious video unfold.

After watching the antics first-hand, it’s likely you’ll end up one of those fans who’d give anything to be at the auction. These artists know how to put on a show, while at the same time imitating country arrangement & instruments flawlessly. This track taken from their ‘Full of Cheer Album’ offers light-hearted for everyone, even if you aren’t a country fan.

Country music is transformed into something you’d never expect could be acapella, as Home Free sings their cover of ‘Sold!’ The whole video was shot straight from the Eugene Livestock Auction House in Junction city keeping to the exact same theme, tone, and pace as the sensational original song.

After Hearing That Low Bass In \'Home Free\' I\'m Shook. That\'s No Human – That\'s a Subwoofer!