The Beatles Play “Hello, Goodbye” Together. There Will Never Be Another Fab Four Again.

There was a time when there only seemed to be one band on Earth. The band was comprised of four men from England and although they had full names of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, they could be known only by their first names. Their run was short, compare to some of the groups that are still touring today, like Rush, but what a run it was. Take this video for their song, “Hello, Goodbye”, for example.

This was the 1960’s, so let’s not be hard on their outfits. This was when they were edging closer and closer to Eastern-influenced styles of play. These were not the fresh-faced lads from England that came to America a few years prior. Instead of suits, they were wearing outfits that were largely one color, along with sequins. I guess George was going for a pirate theme with his hat. Two of them now sported facial hair – George and Ringo.

The real glue of the Beatles was Ringo. I don’t just say that because I’m a drummer myself. He was loose and easy-going, a nice buffer for George’s stoic demeanor and John’s sometimes over-the-top creativity. While I wasn’t alive during this time – I was born three years after their appearance on top of the Apple building, I grew up listening to their records… I think I drove my parents insane over the number of times I played “Yellow Submarine”.

How enduring are the Beatles? Put it this way… the video was uploaded on Oct. 22, 2015. There have been nearly 42,500,000 views since then. Yes, people are still smitten with the Fab Four and happily go back to the music of their youth. They may also be showing their grandchildren what music was like during their time. Kids are getting to see them at the height of their worldwide fame.

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