Break it up! Mama cat puts a hilarious stop to her kittens’ wrestling match

Cats can be difficult to read. For example, when cats who normally live peaceably under the same roof start fighting, how can you tell if’s a minor fight that will be over quickly, a serious fight where one or both could be injured, or if the two cats just doing it for fun? The sort of fisticuffs that we’d stop immediately if children were involved could be “just for fun” when cats do it.

When cats are fighting in earnest, it’s usually about territory. Even house cats are highly territorial (territory can include toys and people, not just places). They have their favorite spots and don’t appreciate it when another cat trespasses. If a new cat is being introduced to a home, it can be seen as a threatening invader, not a potential new friend.

Males, even if neutered, still have an urge to be the dominant cat. Fighting is one way to establish (or reiterate) the pecking order. Often the non-dominant cat will avoid creating provocations, but clashes can still happen. One other thing that’s been known to trigger fighting is misdirected aggression. This happens when something makes a cat angry but the cat has no way to attack that something. For instance, a cat looking out the window might see the neighbor’s dog, become enraged, and then take it out on another cat. These things aren’t always rational.

It’s quite common for kittens to exhibit fighting behavior and only a mother can tell if they’re just playing or if it’s a real fight. The video posted below will show you a very cute and very funny example. Two very young kittens are having a wrestling match — or at least trying; they don’t seem to really know how to fight yet. Their mom suddenly appears and her intervention has to be seen to be believed!

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