This Bull Is Set Free For The First Time And Does A Dance

Bandit is a bull who, sadly, lived most of his life in captivity in horrible conditions in very small stables. Even worse, he was in chains to control his movement even further. There is no end that would justify means such as this to control an animal. However, an animal rescue group found out about Bandit and came to rescue him and give him a new life where he could roam as a bull should.

The video shows Bandit’s first moments of freedom and you won’t believe how he reacts. He spends his first seconds of freedom dancing a dance of pure joy after finally being set free from his chains and given space to move. This is a heartwarming account of an animal’s first moments of freedom and the joy he experiences when he realizes it is permanent.  He’s so energetic and just brings tears to my eyes watching him.

Soon after being rescued, Bandit starts to understand that he is indeed free, that he has been rescued from a horrible situation, and his spirit returns! He celebrates by dancing and even approaches Christian, his rescuer, to give him a nudge in thanks and he gets a hug in return. Hugging a bull? Who would believe it? Just watch and you will.

Watch this touching video depicting an animal’s first moment of freedom right here, and be sure to have your tissues ready. Share this video with your friends on Facebook if you love it as much as I do.

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