Calum Scott’s music video for ‘Rise’ is a bonafide tearjerker

Calum Scott

This is the official video for the song’ Rise’ by Calum Scott, who first came to stardom on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Calum sings surrounded by scenic ocean imagery. He is alone, walking along a beach with majestic mountains behind him.

Calum Scott

‘Rise’ is an inspirational song meant to evoke resilience and strength. The uplifting words of the chorus ring out, ‘I’ve got my best suit on, and I’m ready. I’ve got my sleeves rolled up, and I’ll be on my way.’

Besides Calum, we are shown a nurse helping a woman out of a wheelchair onto a rooftop. She is in a hospital gown and obviously suffering from cancer. It is a heart-wrenching image of a fight many of us have been affected by.

The next scene is the woman with her children on happier days along the beach. Her golden blonde hair blows in the wind as she points out the birds flying over the ocean. The scene cuts back and forth to Calum singing.

The next time we see her, she struggles on that same beach, looking at her children one last time as they play. She embraces them as the ocean provides the backdrop.

As the song’s intensity builds, the nurse looks on as the woman extends her arms as if she is embracing the sky. Her body begins to break into small pieces like it is disintegrating into the sky, and beautiful birds form from the ashes.

While the imagery in this video is stunning, the true power comes from emotion. Calum Scott’s song is heard in a new light with these images accompanying it. A compelling video that pulls on the heartstrings and reminds us to cherish every moment.

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Calum Scott\'s music video for \'Rise\' is a bonafide tearjerker