Carol Burnett Turns 70s Drama into Side-Splitting Humor

Gather around as we take a hilarious stroll down memory lane, revisiting the evergreen Carol Burnett Show. Oh, what joy it brings! Remember “As the Stomach Turns” that sketch left us in stitches? Let’s dive into the laughter galore of this particular episode, where Carol Burnett and Nanette Fabray shine brighter than stars in a parody of those melodramatic ’70s TV soaps.

Picture this: two friends, Renee (played by Nanette Fabray) and Marion (our beloved Carol Burnett), catching up in Canoga Falls over a cup of coffee. But wait, Marion’s got her handyman (Lyle Waggoner) buzzing around, a staple in her life for five solid years. Once he’s out of the picture, the real fun begins.

Marion, ever the observant friend, senses something’s off with Renee despite her insistence that all’s well. In a classic switcheroo, they swap seats, each taking the ‘problem chair.’ Renee starts doling out clichéd advice, prompting Marion to hilariously lament how meaningless those words feel. Just then, the doorbell rings.

Enter Joyce (Vicki Lawrence), Marion’s runaway daughter, flamboyantly dressed as a Las Vegas showgirl. Mistaking her own daughter’s name, Marion lands the punchline flawlessly. Joyce, in a flutter, leaves her baby with Marion and dashes off, only for the baby to end up in… wait for it…the trash can! A signature moves in “As the Stomach Turns.”

As we catch our breath from laughing, Marion declares she’s leaving Canoga Falls. But the doorbell has other plans. Lester Standish (Harvey Korman), the ham actor with his comical toupee, saunters in, seeking a room and, hilariously enough, a costar in Renee.

As if the madness couldn’t escalate, the doorbell rings yet again. Enter Felix Murdoch, the banker ready to foreclose on Marion’s house. In true soap opera style, Marion’s reaction and the ensuing suspenseful music leave us in splits and tenterhooks.

This is not just a hilarious sketch; we’re sharing a treasure trove of laughter, a reminder of the joy Carol Burnett and her team brought into our lives. It’s a rollercoaster of hilarity, a testament to the brilliance of comedic timing and the magic of television.

So, why keep this gem to ourselves? Share this video clip because these moments of joy, these bursts of laughter, are what bring us together, sparking that warm, nostalgic glow. Let’s spread the cheer, reminiscing about the good old days and the timeless humor of “The Carol Burnett Show.”

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Carol Burnett Turns 70s Drama into Side-Splitting Humor