Cat Hangs Out Under Running Shower. It’s Fascinating To See His Behavior Here!

There are a lot of longstanding stereotypes about cats. They are lazy and like to sleep all day. OK, there’s a kernel of truth with that one. Cats are all not the aloof creatures that they are portrayed to be – there are plenty of ones that crave affection. As a matter of fact, both my cats just wandered up to me meowing for attention, and it’s nowhere near their meal time! Here’s another video of a cat breaking a myth that has persisted for centuries.

Sid is one of those rare cats that seemed to have never gotten the news that cats hate water. He’s perfectly content to sit under this shower stream, even having it hit him on the side of the face. This is not a dainty feline who sits by the side of the stream and licks it without it touching him. No… this cat embraces the feeling of the water as he both hydrates and wets himself under the flow.

Now, if his mommy or daddy came into the bathroom with some kitty soap… would this scenario be playing itself out? I’m not so sure that his parents should push their luck and try to bathe him at the same time. Who knows? This might be one of those rare cats that doesn’t require their mommy or daddy putting on full chainmail suits to bathe them. There may be videos of him getting a bath.

This video reminded me of a quote from Dan Quisenberry, a former baseball reliever who died tragically young from a brain tumor: “Once I tried to drown myself with a shower nozzle after I gave up a homer in the ninth. I found out you can’t.” Sid’s in no danger of drowning himself here… he’s going to probably have to use the litterbox a LOT later on, but that’s about it. At least he won’t be thirsty for a while.

Sid sure loves that water, doesn’t he? He looks like he could stay in that spot all day, don’t you think? Does your cat love water too? Tell us your favorite stories about them in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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