“This Kitty Doesn’t Understand Why This Statue Won’t Play With Him!”

The little kitten here encounters what he believes is another cat, only thing is it’s actually a ceramic statue of a cat. However, it’s all too obvious the kitten doesn’t understand that this kitty cat isn’t real because he obviously wants to play!

When the little kitten see’s this kitten statue at first he seems to want to make friends with it. Apparently, he doesn’t realize it’s a just statue. When the statue doesn’t respond to him, the little kitten decides he’s going to make that other kitty pay attention!

It’s quite cute to watch the little guy rolling around and jumping onto the statue. At one point it looks as if he might actually knock the statue over but no it continues to stand up right.

After the kitty’s daddy saw how much his baby wanted to play with the ceramic cat, he adopted a new REAL kitty. Now everybody has somebody to play with! Ya!!

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