Desperate for help and crying, a trapped dog gets freed from a gate

An unfortunate stray dog in India managed to get herself stuck between the bars of a metal gate. Her frantic efforts to wriggle free were to no avail. The poor dog was crying for help, but it seems no passersby could be troubled to help out. So she was stuck, waiting and waiting, yelping and yelping. Eventually, the neighbors did hear the dog but they were afraid of getting a nasty bite and didn’t dare try to get her unstuck. They did, however, call Animal Aid.

The dog had no way of knowing it, but the arrival of the Animal Aid van meant that deliverance was at hand. One of the rescuers got a grip around the dog’s chest while the other pushed gently but firmly from behind. It was obviously uncomfortable for the traumatized dog; at one point she even nipped at one of the rescuers. But she was quickly freed with no harm done. Next up was a van ride to Animal Aid’s shelter. Once she calmed down, she gave one of her rescuers a canine thank you.

The dog rescued from the gate was subsequently treated for mange and then spayed. India has a vast number of stray dogs and a big part of Animal Aid’s mission is getting those numbers under control. As things stand now, there are packs of stray dogs lurking in public parks, hanging out in alleys, or congregating on street corners. Joggers have to carry bamboo sticks to ward off aggressive strays. Street dogs have been known to sneak into homes and attack the residents. Untold numbers of people have been bitten by stray dogs in India, many of them children. Rabies is everywhere and bites from rabid dogs kill nearly 20,000 Indians every year.

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