This Dog Was Missing His Mother, So Dad Called Her Up. The Dog’s Reaction Is Precious!

Meet Stanley, an adorable Airedale dog. It’s not one of the most popular dog breeds by any means, but as you will see in the compelling video below, they can be extremely loving and loyal.

Stanley is seen missing his Mom very dearly in the following clip, and when Dad noticed his sadness, he decided to lend him a hand in the most adorable way.

Dad decided to call the dog’s human mother on the phone so that he could at least talk to her for a few minutes. He understood how the phone worked right away, and begins lamenting to mommy, obviously asking her to come home.

Stanely sure does miss his mommy, but thanks to the phone, the wait is going to be quite a lot more bearable. Just look at the moment when Mommy is heard telling Stanley that she loves him; the dog’s reaction is adorable. I can see why they’re best friends.

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