When he put the dog on that swing, but I wasn’t expecting to see her do this! This is adorable!

Dogs are really adorable and amazing creatures. They are very close to humans and sometimes even act like a human. You may have seen many videos where dogs play, act and react like a human child. But have you ever seen a dog relaxing on a swing?

Sara, this adorable dog in the video just loves to swing. According to her owner, whenever her family tells her they are going swinging at the playground, she jumps excitedly. You can also observe her enthusiasm in this video. When Sara is asked if she wants to swing too, she jumps up in agreement.

Sara has now come to be known as the swinging dog because of her love towards swinging. She looks comfortable while her owner swings her back and forth. And like a little girl next to her, she enjoys the swing peacefully.

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