Elderly Man Keeps Calling For Help. Firemen Show Up At His Home, They Are Shocked At What They See

Being a firefighter is one the finest jobs out there, it gives you a lot of satisfaction because you are there to lend a helping hand when someone is in dire need and many times desperate. Besides that, the sense of camaraderie that forms within each station is unique, but very strong.

These people put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis and do it for a living. Despite de fact that this job is very rewarding, it is not for everyone. It is one of these jobs that you really need to have a calling for, and virtually all of these groups there is this special bond that forms of all this time hanging out, working and escaping death together.

A fire station in Decatur, Georgia is not the exception. They have always felt like a family and always have been very proud of having each other’s back. Every day, they respond to a great deal of calls, but there is something about this call that will make their whole day different.

Douglas Marks and his wife Maxine have lived their whole life in Decatur, Georgia and in their lifetime, there have made quite a few calls for their hometown firefighter. Unfortunately, Douglas’s health has suffered the consequences of what his past job has left on him.

Douglas suffers from emphysema and dementia, which have made his life and or course his wife’s, very complicated, and at times like most of these cases, money is also an issue and keeping track of what expenses, they have to meet, gets very complicated. It has also been the cause of their calling 911 on more occasions that she can hardly remember.

Once again, the firefighters are summoned and once again they do to the aid of whoever might be helping. They had gone to this address before, but had never realized who Douglas was. There is nothing about him that might get them suspicious regarding his activities. After going to this house call, they went about it as they usually did, but it also struck a chord inside them after they realized who he indeed was. When they did, they could not believe it and at the same time really felt sorry for them. Seeing Douglas’ function and mobility so limited and seeing what they found out in this visit that made then act on it, as they are sure that this is something that is not fair and that the outcome of it might be only in their hands to make better.