Five-Year-Old Bonds With 18-Month-Old Sister. The Result? The Most Hilarious Dance Session!

Dancing has been a good, healthy way to exercise and express emotions, for a long time. Sometimes words just don’t quite get to the heart of the manner. At least, that’s what I learned from Footloose. Ah Kevin bacon, where did you go? I digress, dance has its roots in rituals or celebrations. A way to ward off evil spirits or to celebrate something so joyous or important that words just won’t quite cut it. Now-a-days we see many people dancing for many different reasons, rather seductive or to express their unique individuality.

These two sisters really know how to boogie! Meet our lovely instructors, Five-Year-Old and big sister Jordyn. Her lovely assistant and little sister, eighteen-month-old Sydney. These two precious kiddos really know how to get down! This eldest is a bit more coordinated but hey, all good things to those who wait. These two have such a wonderful time together, you can just tell. The eldest Jordyn surely does lover her tiny little sister, there are just some things you can tell. The way she holds her and nuzzles her. Just adorable.

The music of choice isn’t something I would’ve expected from a five-year-old that’s for sure. Although it has been quite the popular song of 2016. These two clad in jammies are such a hilarious pair. The youngest is really into it. She knows the entire dance! The younger kind of breaks down to just flapping her adorable little arms in the arm throughout some of it but man can they both move.

Halfway through the youngest is kind of getting over it. The eldest still goes strong, dancing in sync with the beat and the rhythm. Really feeling every note, getting lost completely in the song. Apparently, Mom was in on it the whole time! The eldest asked to borrow her phone while she was doing the laundry. She asked to have the song put on as well. What a silly couple of sisters.

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