Golden Retriever Puppy Plays with Kitten. I Dare You to Watch This and Not Squeal out Loud

Puppy and Kitten Play

It’s one of life’s unassailable rules: ANYTHING is better if there are puppies and kittens around. In a bad mood? This puppy will lift it. Got a bad grade? Watching this kitten will make you walk on air. Got into a spat with your significant other? Show them a photo of a kitten or puppy, and things will likely thaw. This video, though, shows the ultimate combination, a puppy and a kitten. This could prevent world wars here, folks.

We see a golden retriever puppy with what looks like a domestic shorthaired kitten. The two apparently have just met, and they are getting along famously. They are on a porch outside, and their cuteness is almost too much to bear. The kitten is a teensy bit standoffish at first, and the pup is like ‘Hi there – want to play with me?’ That seems to break down the kitten’s defenses.


The little puppy adores the kitten. He’s constantly licking him, and the kitten seems to be tolerating it with a look of ‘What is happening here?’ on his face. It’s not like he’s swatting and hissing at the pup. The duo has formed a fast friendship for sure, and we’re the lucky beneficiaries to see it all caught on video. I nearly melted while viewing this and I would wager a good number of you also did.

When I was watching this, it made me think of all the other supposed mortal enemies that could get along if they just met at a young age. A cobra and a mongoose – well, OK, maybe not that one. But I think that the enmity is basic programming that can be stopped if they meet early enough. I’m sure this cat and dog will grow up to be best friends. If not, then I would be very surprised.

Unfortunately, the original video used on this post was linked to has been removed years after it was published.  Because this post still gets traffic we substituted the video, we hope you enjoy this one.

Golden Retriever Puppy Plays with Kitten. I Dare You to Watch This and Not Squeal out Loud